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FELIX Ketchup

For over 50 years, Felix offers its products to Austrian burger shops.

FELIX pride that raw material is handled carefully in the production system to give you the products that you deserve. Felix proves it by using the highest standards of safety and robust production for the raw material. The quality standards of these products are confirmed by IFS.

Some Felix Awards:

In 2008 Felix was selected as the second and best employer in Austria.
In 2013, she received an innovative product award for sour cream sauce
In 2014, Felix received the Austrian Super Brand or Brand Award for the Noble Cocktail Product, the Lesser Sugar Salt, and the Lesser Salt, have a Bio (Organic)

In 2014, Felix came among the 600 companies out of 24 different categories of food and non-food industries in Austria.
Felix won the Austrian Leading Companies of Burgenland 2015 in the Burgenland’s economy at a turnover of over 50 million euros annually.

Featuring Felix regardless its fascinating packaging is very significant:

Without preserving
No glutamate and yeast extract
No gluten
without lactose
No allergens (eg GMO-free)
No eggs (mayonnaise sauces)
No added sugar (ketchup sauces)

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