ALCALA OLIVE Company is a Spanish company active in farming olive and production of olive oil.

This collection own go-getters dedicated members in making homogeneous products of virgin olive oil and other products based on olives.

Alcala Oliva professional dedicated team always invest in new projects of researching and developing to enhance product quality through pushing the past conventional ways and creating new ideas & tastes.

The MINIOLIVA flavored olive oil can be considered the most innovative and attractive olive oil in the world, which won the Most Innovative European Product Award (SIAL) in 2012.

The main features of MINIOLIVA Olive Oil are:
Easy open single serving sachets (Pods) are designed to be convenient and sanitary for this 100% Spanish sparkling olive oil.

A wide variety of flavors.

No price difference between this product and bottle olive oil.
The collection of MINIOLIVA products include:

Simple Olive Oil
Blend of Olive and Balsamic Vinegar
A mixture of Olive and Raspberry Vinegar
Olive Oil Containing Lemon
Olive oil containing pepper
Olive Oil containing cinnamon

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