Trade and Economic Exhibition of Tehran Food Stars:

Paknaman Iliya Mehr participated in this exhibition, which was held at the Milad Tower in Tehran, Iran, on August 2 and 3, with the participation of Russia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Iran.

Seventeenth International Exhibition of Food and Machinery-Mashhad:

Paknaman Ilyia Mehr Company has been presented at the exhibition held in Mashhad on September 4th-7th, 95th.

The 15th International Exhibition of Confectionery and Chocolate – Tehran:

In the exhibition, which was held from 23 to 26 of September 95, Paknaman Iliya Mehr was one of the exhibitors at the exhibition.

The first international exhibition of food and beverage industries and affiliated industries-Kish:

The exhibition, held at the Kish International Conference Center from October 7 to 10, 95.

Cultural and Commerce Exhibition “Women’s Role in the National Economy” – Tehran:

Since the December 25th to the Dec 29th, this exhibition was held in Milad Tower to celebrate the role of women entrepreneurs in the national economy.

The REALMIX Energy Drink event was held at Narenjestan Nour Mazandaran Hotel on March 3rd and 4th, 2012.
The REALMIX energy Drink event was held in partnership with the Deluxe Riders Club on May 1396.
The REALMIX energy drink event was organized by Pakmanaman Iliamehr Company in collaboration with the Deluxe Riders Club on holy month of Ramadan on November 19, 1396

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