REALMIX ENERGY DRINKS The REALMIX is an Austrian company which specializes in a broad variety of appetizing and tasty beverages from sport drinks to fre... Read more


MONVISO Italian Bruschettine The MONVISO is an Italian brand experienced in bread industry. Respecting the customs, using the experience and research an... Read more

Olive Oil

D.O.P Olive Oil: 100% Italian VILLA VINCI has the highest quality among all olive oil brands in the market. This olive oil is produced by cold pressing process which keeps its original properties. In addition,... Read more


Fresh & Compass mints The sugar free fresh mints refresh your breath. This product is without spartame and contains Xylitol and protects teeth again... Read more


Trade and Economic Exhibition of Tehran Food Stars: Paknaman Iliya Mehr participated in this exhibition, which was held at the Milad Tower in Tehran, Iran, on August 2 and 3,... More

Sales Department

Contact with Sales Department:   Acceptance of sales at Pimco Corporation. Distributors and Trustworthy Stores who are eager to cooperate with Paknaman Iliya Mehr, c... More

Future Product

  FELIX Ketchup For over 50 years, Felix offers its products to Austrian burger shops. FELIX pride that raw material is handled carefully in the production system ... More


Frequente Questions:   What is Aronia? Aronia, also known as Chokeberry, is known as one of the richest antioxidant sources. This... More

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