Ewedel Chocolate

More than 160 years since the foundation of the LOTTE Wedel Sp. Z o.o. has passed.
E. wedel brand has brought the flavored and superior quality of chocolate.
Deep Flavor of E. Wedel Chocolates are based on the use of the best-quality cocoa and the combination of the best ingredients.
Every year, Ewedel adds a number of different flavors and tastes to its portfolio of products to meet customers’ expectations.

E. Wedel has gained a lot of global popularity and has been distributed in 25 countries since 2014. The key market for these popular and rich chocolate is America, Canada and the United Kingdom.

E-Wedel Chocolate Types:

Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts + Peanut Pieces and 100g Wafer
White chocolate with Mango purée + 90 g grated grains
Dark chocolate with creamy cream , 100 grams
White Caramel with White Chocolate 90 grams
Caramel with white chocolate + wafer sheets, 90 grams
Bitter chocolate 50% , 100 grams
Bitter chocolate with grapefruit puree and 90 g grated cereals
Bitter chocolate with a 100g coconut brain
Milk chocolate with orange puree and grated grains of 90 grams
Bitter Chocolate Pancake 100 grams
Milk chocolate with peanuts and hazelnuts with 100g of peanut pieces of cereal
White chocolate 90 g
Bitter chocolate 64%, 100 grams
Milk chocolate, 100 grams
Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Pieces, 90g
Chocolate with a 100g toffee

E-Wedel Chocolate Values:

Premier Brand Award 2012

Trustworthy brand in Europe 2010

Market Pearl Product Award or FMCG 20008 Award

Super Brands 2012

European Trusted Brand 2010

Perly Rynku FMCG

(FMCG Market Pearl Prize) in 2008

In March 2012, E. Wedel became the first national sponsor of the European Championship (UEFA Euro 2012TM. E. Wedel placed a statue at National Adelaide, where 400 kilograms of chocolate was used to make it.

Production and packaging features:

E. Wedel chocolate has a lot of fiber and protein.
E. Wedel chocolates are packed in polypropylene foils.
E. Wedel products and their certificates have been certified by the European Food Safety Authority.
E. Wedel products are manufactured and packaged under hygienic conditions and in accordance with GMP or Good Manufacturing Practice.

E-Wedel International Quality System Certificates:


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