MONVISO Italian Bruschettine

The MONVISO is an Italian brand experienced in bread industry. Respecting the customs, using the experience and research and development of the new products are the company’s core values.

Tune in to consumer preferences and beverage enjoyment taste, pursuing wide-range and unsurpassed “good tastes” in harmony with both which come along with “outstanding high quality products”

The most important product of this collection is Bruschettine, the most prominent feature of this product is NO PALM OIL.

Bruschettine are toasted and not fried at all.

The product does not contain chemical preservatives, and on the other hand, it has GMO free material.

This product, consisted of a mixture of 15% olive oil and semolina flour, comes in five flavors of sea salt, rosemary and thyme, chili, garlic, green and black olives.

It’s interesting to know that althought Bruschettine is salty, it is very useful for people with high blood pressure and athletes as well as dietary foods because of the use of potassium salts (sea salts). This can be a great replacement for bad snacks, including chips. While this product can be used both as snacks and main meals.


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