The main features of APELINI juices include:

The production of pure and organic juices instead of fruit concentrates.
Non-use of water in the production of the product
Non-use of sugar in the production of the product
Non-use of preservatives (however, the life span of the product is over a year)
Non-use of natural and artificial flavors
The use of glass packaging (glass packaging is the healthiest packaging that inflicts the least harm to the environment compared to tetra cap packets)

the available varieties of APELINI juices include:

A glass of 200 cc 100% natural apple juice and a glass of 200 cc 100% Aronian organic water in a box.

Two glasses of 200 cc Aronia 100% natural and organic water in a box (Berry Armony), which contain the highest antioxidant content among all the fruits, and therefore has an anti-cancerous effect. On the other hand, Aronia is known as a youthful extant to get the energy levels up in a safe and healthy way.

Two 200 cc glasses of apple and Aronia juice in a box (each glass contains 25% Aronian water and 75% apple juice)

APELINI products are produced by Macedonia. Macedonia is one of the major apple producers in Europe and one of the world’s largest producers of Aronia.

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