VILLA VINCI is the main brand of the company and has a very high diversity as follows:

D.O.P Olive Oil: 100% Italian VILLA VINCI has the highest quality among all olive oil brands in the market. This olive oil is produced by cold pressing process which keeps its original properties. In addition, the D.O.P. highest oxidation resistance ensures its quality and properties during preservation and maintenance. Olive oil D.O.P 100% Italian VILLA VINCI comes in three packages of 250, 500 and 750 cc.

100% Italian cold pressed Olive Oil: This superior olive oil is also made of 100% Italian olive oil and by cold pressing process. In this method, the olive oil is extracted only 24 hours after the olive harvest, and therefore the olive oil produced by this method has the highest properties and quality. The VILLA VINCI 100% Italian cold pressed olive is offered in 2 packages of 500 and 750 cc.
100% Italian organic olive Oil: is made of 100% Italian and Organic Olive and is available in 500cc and 1-liter bottles. This product has an organic certification from the European Union and America Food and Drug Administration. This product can be the first organic olive oil in the Iranian market, which will be supplied under the license of Food and Drug Administration.
VILLA VINCI Flavored Olive Oil: VILLA VINCI Flavored Olive Oil comes in 7 flavors in 250 cc bottles as follows:
Mediterranean spices
Chili pepper


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